About AutoDealCloser


We are for customer focused dealerships, DMS companies, OEMs or Marketplaces. We allow them to finalize a deal in-dealership or online.

We engage our buyers online or in-dealership and let them finalize the car price at any time with our patented negotiator software. They can scan QR codes and do everything themselves while saving up to $100 for buying through us.

  1. In-Person: They can scan a QR code from a car OR from your dealership.
  2. Online: They use our AI/NLP based Sales Assistant to close/finalize deal terms. They can ask questions or check rebates too.

Our Vision

  • We want to offer hassle-free car buying experience to all online car buyers.
  • Car buyers sometimes go to dealerships after hours or when sales staff are busy. We want them to have Do-It-Yourself options when they want.
  • We want local dealerships to provide best buying experience and similarly best car owning experience.
  • We want to save time for car buyers at the dealerships and similarly we want to save time for car salespersons when the buyer is not serious.
  • In eCommerce, the buyer usually has two choices. Buy at full price or walk away. We want them to be able to name their price through our NaaS (Negotiation As A Service).

Our Products

AI/NLP Based Virtual Sales Assistant (Sales bot)

Now auto dealerships can integrate our AI based virtual sales assistant in their  website and offer same hassle-free buying experience to their visitors.  Save in lead generation and sales cost while selling more.

Sales Bot Demo

QR Code Reader

We believe customers should be able to buy cars 24×7 whether dealership is open or not. Walk around and scan QR code from the car window or from the dealership entrance and do as many things as possible.

Find My Car


Finalize a deal at your time with our software based negotiation. In-person or online. No need to meet a seller. Get up to $100 when you purchase a car. Our voucher will have all details.

For Car Sellers
Register/Log In
Car sellers will register on our site or will login to manage everything.
Update Inventory & Generate QR codes.
Car sellers will upload their inventory (one car or multiple cars). They will set up sales price, negotiation rules and other car related details. They can also manage their QR codes.
Get Leads & Finalize Formalities
While scanning QR code, buyers need to check in. We also allow buyers to negotiate based on your sales price and close deals. Once the deal is closed, we generate a voucher for all. Meet the buyer and finish remaining formalities.
For Car Buyers
Scan a QR Code OR Search Your Car Online
Locate the car in a dealership or online.
Finalize A Deal
Do everything yourself using our QR codes or AI/NLP based sales assistant. Finalize a payment or a deal and get the voucher.
Talk If Required
Talk to dealerships or sellers when required. You can schedule a test drive or ask questions too.
Finish Formalities
Take the voucher to the seller and save time in front end process. Write the contract, pay and pick up your car.